Top 10 things you can see while hiking Via Transilvanica (Part 1)

One of the most beautiful hiking routes from a cultural perspective, is here to impress with the most amazing things that Romania has to offer. What is Via Transilvanica?

1.Sucevița Monastery

It is a fortified monastery that stands to this day, it is a UNESCO heritage site as one of the painted monasteries of Bucovina and if you arrive at the right time you might actually get invited to eat by the nuns.

2.Teleki Castle from Posmus

It is an impressive building that was recently restored. The property itself helped preserve trees that are hundreds of years old.

3.The Heart of Jesus

It is the largest statue of Jesus in Eastern Europe, 22 meters high stainless steel structure, built from the donations gathered by the small town of Lupeni.

4.Praid Salt Mine

It is an old salt mine that opened up in 1762 and transformed over time into a place for therapeutic purposes.


It is an inhabited medieval fortress that withstood the test of time. Also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Romania. (Top 10 Most popular places in Romania link)

European Museum Night 2023 – 13th May – Bucharest

What is Museum night?

Once a year something exciting happens: European Museum Night! It is an opportunity for big cities all over Europe to open their museums for free and put on special events to wow visitors. It’s a great opportunity to explore and discover new things about art, history, and science. So mark your calendar 13th of May and get ready to pump some intellectual blood.

Most museums in Bucharest will be open to the public for free but what Dracula really recommends is visiting buildings you cannot access during the year. Museums are available at any time but historical administrative buildings are not… Also you will need to be extremely patient, it can get really crowded!

First confirmation of a place that you can visit:

Palace of the Commerce Chamber (Palatul Camerei de Comerț)

Football Museum Bucharest

Best places to visit (but not confirmed)

Arcul de Triumf – you can climb to the top during museum night

CEC building – amazing interior

Casa Mita Biciclista – recently renovated, cool historical building (context)

More info, unfortunately it is in Romanian: Facebook, official site (not working) , museum network site

OTP Airport – Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport – Answering some of your questions

How many terminals does it have?

The airport has one terminal, so we consider it to be some of the easier ones to get around.

What would be the best way to reach the city center?

The 783 bus is the easiest and cheapest way to reach the city center. For more info on transportation start reading Landing in Bucharest – How Dracula gets into the city.

What can you do while waiting for your flight?

  • Start shopping – Find here a list with all the available shops
  • Get a meal or grab a drink – Here is a list with all the bars and restaurants.
  • Smoking areas – Unfortunately Otopeni doesn’t have great spots for it, but at least you’ll have where to kill extra time
  • Business Lounge – Read more here

Top Romanian Foods – What makes Romanians happy! (Part 1)

Food is the cornerstone to any culture! Romanians love food and to get to know Romania properly you need to experience the full food immersion.

Sarmale – stuffed vine / cabage leaves

Each area does them differently and of course the best ones are made by my grandma!

Mămăligă, Brânză și Smântână – Polenta, cottage cheese and sour cream (Vegetarian)

Berryl made the recipe look fancy, when I was growing up, raw chopped onion mixed with the cheese elevated the whole dish!

Mici – Skinless sausages

Romanians eat mici at every barbecue they go to, generally we don’t make them ourselves but if you do so you get extra Romanian points!

Salată de Vinete – Eggplant (aubergine) dip (Vegetarian)

Big no, no! My grandma says never chop the eggplant salad (it is a dip) with a knife, always use the wooden cleaver. My grandma has a wooden cleaver that she only uses for eggplant salad.

Saramură de crap – Carp in brine

Grilled fish and brine makes Romanians really really happy!

Bucovina (Suceava county) – Dracula’s Recommendations for an Amazing experience (Part 1)

Unfortunately Bucovina is worth visiting in it’s entirety but with the war in Ukraine you can’t visit the Ukranian side like: Cernowitz (Cernăuți in Romanian) and Khotyn Fortress (Hotin in Romanian) and Zoological Reserve of “Zubrovytsia” that has European Bison.

So we will focus in Suceava county in Romania. Why is this region so special? Austrian influence, capital of Moldavia, amazing views, hiking (check Via Transilvanica), Painted monasteries, 6 UNESCO heritage sites and so many things to add. Basically the heart and soul on Romania (People might disagree but Dracula awaits suggestions in the comment section)

Voroneț Monastery

Impossible not to start here… It is a beautiful painted monastery with an iconic blue color that has an exquisite depiction of Judgement Day close to the entrance. It is considered the Sistine Chapel of the East for that reason alone.

Location: Google Maps

Pietrele Doamnei (The Lady’s Rocks)

It is a medium difficulty hike that involves a bit of endurance, and I mention this at the beginning because I have received complaints from friends as it was harder than expected. If you like hiking it is not going to be difficult. Passed that moment you will get on a clear day one of the most beautiful views of Buovina ever!

Location: Google Maps

Decorated Egg Museum

Bucovina has 2 decorated egg museums, this one has one of the largest collection of decorated eggs in the world and offers courses on making your own painted eggs. Usually made just for Easter celebrations, the designs are truly intricate and the different colors depict different regions in just Suceava county alone. Also you get to see decorated python eggs made traditionally by different African nations.

Location: Google Maps

The other one is located here: Google Maps

Pătrăuți Church

One of the most underrated places to visit as it is not the most famous of the Painted Monasteries (actually it recently became a monastery again). It has some cool stories behind it but what really makes it stand out is the relationship with the sun, at different moments in time the sun shines over different paintings telling a story.

Location: Google Maps

Marginea Pottery

This is part of Romanian heritage, generations of artisans have been working on preserving this unique method of obtaining dark pottery. Best part is you can bring home these unique works of art!

Location: Google Maps

Cash vs Card – Bucharest

Even though in most restaurants and shops you can pay via card, there are still some places where you will need cash.

What can you pay by card?

Where will you need cash?

Image by gpointstudio on Freepik

Top 10 Best Vegan Places in Bucharest (Part 1)

Pro Tip: big restaurants in Romania generally serve vegan food for Orthodox lent, a period in the Orthodox faith when no meat or dairy is consumed. For this special period, generally around Easter or Christmas, people do not eat meat and cheeses, so restaurants usually have something vegan on the menu or they make vegan food for this special occasion.

This food is called “mâncare de post” and you can find it in restaurants written “DE POST”. Hanul lui Manuc, Caru cu Bere and City Grill can offer some vegan options DE POST.

Disclaimer: there might be honey if it says DE POST

As you know Dracula loves blood but from time to time a break is needed, so here are the best Vegan recommendations for Bucharest, in no particular order:

1. Level Up 


  • Vegan traditional food (the sarmale and papanași are really good)


  • Small place

Photo from their website:

2. Seed


  • Amazing food 
  • Located in a nice neighbourhood – Google Maps (Cotroceni Area)


  • Limited menu
  • Limited time schedule

3. Sara Green


  • Best Vegan Burgers in town


  • Doesn’t hit the burger rush if you bring non-vegan friends with you

4. Aubergine 


  • Cool interior design
  • Really tasty food
  • Has both vegan and non-vegan options


  • On the expensive range

5. Coolinart


  • On Calea Victoriei, the most scenic road in Bucharest – Google Maps
  • They have amazing smoothies
  • Tasty avocado based food


  • It’s nice but not amazing, I know I am grasping at straws here

Alternative stores in Bucharest (Part 1)


Location: Strada Colței 44, București 030247, Romania


  • Well-known brands you might already like: Manic Panic, KillerStar, Altercore
  • Easy access: it is placed in the center
  • Good range of products: from female/male clothing to accessories, cosmetics and more

Gothic Fairy

  • Great place to get gifts
  • Many products to choose from


  • They have multiple locations
  • Their brands are mostly Italian
  • They focus on clothing

Your reason to visit Bucharest this summer: Hollywood Vampires – 8 June


Thursday, 08 June 2023 19:00


Romexpo, Bucharest – Str. Cutitul de Argint, Parcul Carol I, București -> Google Maps

How can you reach it?

  • Airport – ROMEXPO is placed 15 minutes away from the airport, if you are concerned regarding your flight
  • Tain: 15 minutes away from the North Railway Station. Get your train ticket from here.
  • Metro: 15 minutes away from the Aviatorilor metro station
  • Bus/Tram – 5 minutes away from the tram and bus station Piata Presei Libere


You can buy them from here.

Hurry Up! Not many tickets left.

Get to know more about transportation in Bucharest by reading some of our articles:

Landing in Bucharest – How Dracula gets into the city

Best way to get a cab in Bucharest or why you should avoid regular taxis

Bucharest Public Transport – Tips on making your life easier while getting around the city by bus

Top 10 most popular places to visit in Romania (Part 2) 

Dracula senses that you want to go on a great adventure, so here are some more recommendations:

6.Transfăgărăsan Highway


  • Top Gear declared it one of the most beautiful roads on the planet. Link
  • Many hiking paths to the top and you can book an accommodation next to Bâlea Lake Link
  • Beautiful landscape formations like waterfalls and glacial lakes.
  • You can get the cable car from Bâlea Waterfall to Bâlea Lake, and get an amazing view. Link


  • Access is seasonal from July to October
  • You need driving experience for a safe ride and a car in tip top shape ( you don’t want break issues going down)
  • It can get crowded at the top

7.Sighișoara – Medieval city


  • The only permanently inhabited fortress in Europe: UNESCO heritage site
  • During the summer there is a medieval festival: Link
  • Accessible by train from both Cluj and Bucharest


  • Lots of walking up and down, if you are not very sporty it might be a con
  • All in all it is a small city, if you want to stay for a while

8. Bicaz Gorges and The Red Lake


  • Amazing landscape, that will keep your head up most of the time.The Red Lake was formed in 1838 after an earthquake blocked a river and you can row in a sea of submerged trees
  • Many stands selling local products all across the path (it can also be a con if you prefer less crowded places)
  • You can get some adrenaline from crossing a scary bridge: Podul Ungurilor


  • Not a lot of foreigners coming in so it might be difficult language wise
  • Really, really crowded! Last time I went there it was simply a sea of people

9.Sfinx – The Bucegi Plateau


  • Cool landforms formed by the wind and amazing views of the surroundings.
  • From the city of Bușteni you can take a cable car to the top. Link
  • Hiking so many paths! Link


  • You depend on the weather for the cable car to work.
  • Lots of tourists.

10.Turda Salt Mine


  • Salty air is supposed to be healthy and treat different ailments.
  • You can play sports inside, Dracula recommends pool as he is a bit of an expert. Link
  • Row a boat in an underwater lake.
  • Enjoy amazing lighting placed all across the salt mine.
  • You don’t depend on the weather!
  • Get to see an old salt mining device. Link


  • If you are afraid of the dark and going inside the earth.

For Part 1 access this link: Link